Friday, 1 February 2013

Wood Art by Fayeran

Cedar hummingbird and flower

Welcome to my blog site.
In the site you will see some of the work that I have created.
Using inspiration from the Comox Valley,  local and exotic woods for my creations.
With 25 years of experience, I continue to enjoy playing with wood...
All creations are made using power tools like band saws, scroll saws, drill press, lathe and misc sanding tools.  All are hand drawn with my own patterns.
My goal is to create unique and beautiful items.

This hummingbird stands about eight inches tall...Pictures can be deceiving.  Puntledge River in the background.

 This hummingbird, also cedar, is mounted on a moon snail shell...delicate, yet sturdy at the same time.
All my hummingbirds are sold at this time.,.

This all started with the desire to make gifts for friends and family...Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, all occasions.

Then, in order to expand my world and travel a bit, I started
sell my creations...

Local stores have been selling my product now for many
years and continue to look forward to new and different items
as well as my regular items of pens, and bookmarks, and the
sets combining the two...

These turned pens were fashioned after my first pen that I received in grade 3.  It was plastic and this shape, and I always remembered it..
So, when my husband gave me a lathe for Christmas one year, this is the first item that I turned, and all my friends and family received one for the next Christmas.
The pen ink is easily refilled, as it is a bic pen insert, and friction fit into a drilled hole.

Many different woods are used to make these bookmarks.. Most will have the live edge of the wood, creating a unique finish.  Trees, birds, bugs, etc are the themes of the bookmarks.
Sliced on a bandsaw, then sanded smooth.  Scrolled with a scroll saw, then clear coat finished with a hardwood flooring finish, these bookmarks are very strong and stable...

This set is made from Laburnum wood.
The two tone is a natural effect of the wood.
A bead is placed in the end of the pen, and matches the beadwork and macrame thread on the bookmark.
Sets like this are easily mailed to any destination and make great gifts.

This piece, an intarsia of a woodpecker is still available.
The base is a piece of the Lewis Park Maple tree that fell in the storm in March 2012.  The bird is created using walmut, holly, and blood wood.. the tree is arbutus, cut and sanded to follow the contour of the live edge of the maple...
Standing about two feet tall, and 18 inches wide, it is made to be a wall hanging.
This beautiful piece is still available and priced at only $700.00.

Cardinal with family wood wall ar

Wood Art by Fayeran

I have twenty-five years of  experience turning wood into art.   I love living in the Comox Valley, on the beautiful east coast of Vancouver island, British Columbia because it provides me with an extensive selection of local hard and soft woods to work with. 
Everything I create is original. I design my own patterns based on what I see in nature.  So far my intarsia wall art includes trees, birds, nests, bald eagles, killer whales, wolfs, dragonflies, butterflies and more.  I am continuously inspired by nature and my customers requests and always enjoy the challenge developing the picture in wood. 

Thank-you for viewing my site.